Featured SECG Videos

Below are examples of SECG's past projects and capabilities. For a full list of videos, visit our YouTube Channel .

Sprint Car Chassis Crash Simulation

Explicit FEA simulation of a 45 mph oblique impact between two sprint car chassis frames. Analysis was performed using Ansys 17 Explicit STR.

Shock Loading of Genset Skid on Elastomeric Mounts

Transient structural FEA simulation of dynamic shock loading of a genset skid weldment supported by several elastomeric mounts. In addition to transient effects, simulation model included large deformation effects and plastic deformation (yielding) of the skid structure.

Sprint Car Rollover Crash Simulation

Explicit FEA simulation of a 45 mph rollover crash of a sprint car chassis. Analysis was focused on the rollcage deformation during the initial and secondary impacts to determine clearance zone infringement.

FSI Simulation of Turbine Blade Deflection and Stress

Transient Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) simulation of wind turbine blade deflection and stress due to large sudden wind gust.

CFD Engine Block Coolant Flow Simulation

Conjugant Heat Transfer (CHT) simulation using Ansys CFX CFD software of a engine block design to determine coolant flow paths, coolant temperatures, and block temperature distribution.

Transient Conjugant Heat Transfer CFD Simulation of a PCB Enclosure

Transient conjugant heat transfer (CHT) simulation of a PCB enclosure using Ansys CFX CFD. Simulation was used to analyze the timing setting of a fan switch used to remove the hot air generated from a PCB within an enclosure, along with the resulting transient PCB surface temperatures.

Steady State Thermal CFD Analysis of PCB in Enclosure

Steady state thermal simulation using Ansys CFX CFD software of PCB design within a sheet metal enclosure. Simulated PCB component temps to determine proper fan size and exhaust louver placements.