SECG provides a host of professional engineering services designed to meet a wide range of industry needs. From component design to design for manufacture to multi-discipline engineered systems requiring top tier analysis and simulations, SECG has the capabilities and expertise to make client projects, regardless of scale, an engineering and business success.

Subscription Benefits

    Budget Predictability

    Budgeting for engineering is streamlined and simplified through a monthly billing system where costs are known and where additional resourcing can be added monthly for condensed project schedules.

  • Cost Savings

  • Clients have versatile access to both human and software resources that scale dynamically to meet project demands. Cost savings are achieved through a combination of volume discounting and reduced internal engineering resource requirements.

  • Elastic Resources

  • With resource scaling and rollover credit features, the SECG subscription program provides clients with a elastic resource model to tackle unpredictable month-to-month resource requirements.

Subscription Example

ACME, Inc. has 3 internal engineers that support both the production floor and their existing product lines. On top of their base workload, ACME, Inc. has overflow work for which the internal engineering department doesn’t have the resources to complete, and they also require FEA and engineering analysis support. ACME, Inc. utilizes the SECG Subscription program to add-on additional engineering capacity that varies month to month and uses simulation (FEA/CFD) support as needed. Below is a sample of how the 100 credit per month engineering subscription would work.

For a more detailed description of the SECG subscription program and all the services that SECG offers see our General Brochure.