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SECG will provide a solution you can count on.

Our extensive design capabilities are able to cover nearly every design and project need. We have wide-ranging analysis capabilities that can be used for design validation, virtual testing, and to ensure efficient product development. We are exposed to a broad variety of industries, design approaches, and manufacturing methods, which allows us to both ensure your design is readily manufacturable and also bring a unique perspective to tough problems. By the time you’re ready to go to production, you’ll know that you have a design you can trust.

Your bottom line is important to us.

With SECG, all engineering costs can be consolidated to one flat per-hour expense. We carry all software licensing costs, host PDM/data management systems, manage computation servers and handle network infrastructure and backups. All engineers are internally trained at no cost to you, with salary/vacation/benefits factored into the straight-time billing with no overtime cost. Historically, engineering consulting has been considered cost prohibitive; however, with the wide range of services and benefits SECG provides, clients experience an immediate value-add with long term cost savings.

Make sure your project is completed on time.

We have found through our experience that OEM engineers typically spend a maximum of 10-20% of their day on new product development, while the remaining 80-90% of their time is spent on production support, application/sales support, and production vendor support. This limited ability to focus on new product development typically leads to extended new product development cycles. Being away from the day-to-day operations of your facility allows us to focus on new product development and get your company what you need when you need it. Our project management and task-tracking capabilities will help make sure all involved parties hit their deadlines. Communication is critical. We make sure to drive weekly status updates ensuring timely completion of the project. If you’re in a pinch and need additional engineering resources immediately, our engineering on-demand setup allows us to rapidly add personnel to your project as needed.

We integrate with your resources as you see fit.

We use existing client internal resources, vendors, workflows, and processes to seamlessly blend with your day to day operations. Collaborating with existing client engineering departments or serving as a standalone resource, SECG can adapt to your company’s needs.

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