Ready to Choose SECG?

Is your company ready to get us started on your project? Here’s how we’ll do it: First, contact us to discuss your project. We can sign NDAs as needed and will quote your project using one of the following methods:

Hourly Quote (with or without do-not-exceed limit)

  • For projects that are open-ended or have a lot of variable constraints, we provide an estimate to establish a do-not-exceed purchase order (PO). We track our hourly time and invoice monthly against that PO for the hours we’ve used.

  • The advantages of this quoting method are that we’re able to start working on your project more quickly, it eliminates the need for scope change orders, and clients benefit from the fact that if we don’t use all the money on the PO, the clients keep it – we only bill for what we use.

Fixed-cost Quote

  • The project will cost exactly what we quote, nothing more. This is typically reserved for projects with a clearly defined scope such as an analysis or simulation.

Fixed-cost Plus Quote

  • The project will cost what we quote, but there is allowance for the client to add items to the project specification at an agreed-upon hourly rate. This is also typically reserved for projects with a clearly defined scope, but allows for some limited scope additions or modifications.

We’ll begin working on your project, setting up weekly status meetings to keep the project on schedule. At the end of the project, we’ll provide all the agreed-upon deliverables. See our brochures for more information. So give us a call or send us an e-mail to discuss your company’s project or engineering needs today.