Seymour Engineering & Consulting Group  is an engineering and technical consulting firm focused on providing our clients with first in class technical solutions and support. Our mission is to assist our clientele in accelerating their product development cycle and to provide superior engineering, design, and technical services to advance our clienteles business objectives.

Product Development
We provide a wide array of services geared towards product development.  Not only do we provide the technical engineering, design, and analysis services to develop the design we also manage the product development schedule, sourcing, cost estimation, financial analysis, and much more.  Click here to see a more detailed description of the product development services we offer.
Analysis and Simulation
SECG's simulation services provide our clients with the ability to evaluate and optimize their specific design within a virtual environment.  We use the latest simulation technology from PTC and Ansys to perform a wide range of simulations for our clients.  Our strength lies in our ability to couple our breadth of simulation capabilities with our broad background in design, engineering, and 3D model development resulting in an expedited design optimization process.  Click here to learn more about our simulation services.

SECG has an extensive background in design engineering ranging including moldings, machined components, fabricated components, sheet metal, etc.  In addition, we can perform detailed tolerance analysis, specify GD&T, weld note specification, and much more.  Click here to learn more.